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'All Aboard' Magic Trick By Tom Swift


Tom-Foolery Magic Presents

‘All Aboard’

A brilliant re-imagining of the classic ‘Card-toon’ routine

Easy to perform - No forcing - No switching- Quick re-set

‘With special Thanks to Dan Harlan’

A set of train tickets are displayed, a spectator picks a destination. The tickets are turned over to reveal a cartoon of a train. The cards flick by and the train is animated on the track when finally it stops at a station. The spectators chosen destination.

Comes complete with special designed train tickets and an A5 destination map of the uk.

Here are some reviews of the trick

Richard Jones (Britain's Got Talent Winner)
I've been trying out 'All Aboard' by Tom Swift this week. If you haven't got it I'd recommend it, it's a brilliant version of card-toon, feels much more spontaneous because of it being tickets as opposed to cards. Great for performing at events that you can say you got the train (great reason to have tickets on you). I got great reactions every time

Steve Cook
This is a really great adaption of 'Card-Toon'. Organic, natural, beautifully-produced cards, off-beat, very commercial,easy to perform, but with an excellent 'kicker!' Can't say much more really, except, do yourself a favour and buy it! Highly recommended!

The Peak
This is super easy to do and it requires no forces or sleights. Any of the cities on the map can be named and the train will always stop at that very destination. The animation really does look good as the final train station sign has the chosen city name written on it.The cards look exactly like real train tickets apart from the fact that they have been laminated to last longer.Instruction can be found via a URL supplied when you purchase All Aboard.To summarise, this is a good alternative to a classic visual effect. Recommended
Check out promo video here